Frequently Asked Questions

All your queries have been answered below, please contact us in case of further questions.

We aim to be the one place where patients can find the right doctor. This is our primary goal and as the second step we help in making your visit happen with ease. If the doctor/clinic/hospital only has a walk-in facility, we help patients by providing the address and phone number.

We have no special tie-ups, relationship or consideration with doctors in this regard as we want to be an independent unbiased site for patients. Through Carefirst, your chances of booking an appointment are the same as using any other means.

This depends entirely on the Doctor/Clinic/Hospital – there are some establishments that run on strict schedules, while others use the appointment system to ensure a patient’s name is registered in their database, but the actual time of seeing doctor depends on what happens on that day. This is something Carefirst has no control over – this would have happened even if you had booked an appointment in any other way.

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